Why You Should Use a Prepaid Card for International Travel

For those who constantly travel overseas for recreation, business, or any other reason, international prepaid cards can be the consummate companion. While it’s not always common knowledge, international prepaid cards can be very beneficial for those individuals who travel outside of the country often.

Aside from affordable costs, international prepaid cards also give users the luxury of paying only a minimal amount for foreign transaction fees as well as currency conversions.

Yet another amazing benefit of using an international prepaid card is it makes it very easy for users to stick to the budget they’ve set. In other words, users have the option to only spend the money that’s available on the card and not spend a cent more.

But that’s not all. The security associated with international prepaid card usage is also deemed one of the main reasons people always bring it with them when they travel outside of the country. 

In addition, when you have an international prepaid card with you, you won’t have to physically carry a lot of money with you. That means you are spared from the worries and hassles of having your money stolen or misplaced.


If you are considering bringing your international prepaid card with you when you travel, below are some of the remarkable benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Oftentimes, you’ll have the option to load up to 16 different currencies on your international prepaid card.
  • When you use your international prepaid card for transactions outside the country, you’ll probably get attractive discounts in several restaurants across the globe.
  • In some instances, transactions made using the international prepaid card will merit reward points.
  • International prepaid card users can easily check their balances at ATMs the world over. Some issuers will even provide users with notification messages when they perform withdrawals and other transactions. The real time balance that’s available in the card is often also stated in the notification.
  • Some international prepaid card users are also given the option to avail of an add-on card just in case their card gets lost or stolen. 


When using your international prepaid card outside the country, keep the following basics in mind to ensure you’ll enjoy peerless convenience and ease:

  • Since international prepaid card users have the option to load foreign currency directly on their cards, they also have the option to easily make currency conversions when the rates are favourable.
  • Some of the most offered currencies include Euro, United States dollar, and the British Pound.
  • If you deplete your balance while outside the country, you have the option to load money using Internet banking or a secure login portal.
  • International prepaid card users sometimes enjoy amazing perks like travel insurance coverage. In some cases, the travel insurance coverage will include counterfeit liability, lost liability card protection, and lost baggage coverage, among many others.
  • As mentioned earlier, users who want to adhere to their budget have a strong ally in international prepaid cards. Once the amount available on the card has been depleted, users have the option to load money again or just stick to the budget they have set.

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